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Inner Voices of Creativity

Inner Vision, Outer Truth

Using SoulCollage® to Develop Insight

By Anne Marie Bennett | Updated September 8, 2018

SoulCollage Card Created by Anne Marie BennettWhen I first made this SoulCollage® card, I wasn't exactly sure what it was all about. Of course, it had to be about vision… but what part of me had I just given voice to by putting so many eyes on this card?

After I spent some time with this part of me, this is what I heard:

I am the one who sees.

I am the one whose eyes are inside and outside, who sees deeply within others as well as myself.

I am the one who uses my eyes to pay attention, to be observant, to notice, to really see, on many different levels.

I am the one with insight. I am the one who gives you clear eyes, clear heart, clear knowing.

I am the one who sees what is happening on the outside and interprets that into heart language, into the words of the soul.

I am the one who has the courage to look and to pay attention and to continue to keep my eyes open to the truth.

I am the one who doesn't deny what I see. I keep my eyes open ad I let myself be aware of the truth.

I am the one with clear and total vision. I am the one who sees as Spirit sees.

The more I listened, the more it became clear to me. This part of me who sees, who notices, who pays attention on both inner and outer levels… is a part of me that is absolutely essential to my creative life.

Think about it. In order to write essays and stories and books that touch peoples' lives, I have to own the part of me who sees into the hearts and minds of the people who cross my daily path. If my art is going to be real, if it's going to be soul-full, then I need this part of me who catches glimpses into my own deepest heart and spirit.

Inner Reflection:

Get quiet for a few moments and look (really look) inside your own heart. What is going on inside of you? If you stop and take a look, can you see? Take a walk outside and really, really look around you. The next time you're with someone you care about, look into their eyes. Notice what insights abound as you pay attention to their movements, their gestures, their posture. Is it possible to use your own inner vision to enhance your creative work this week?

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Anne Marie BennettAnne Marie Bennett is a published author, self-taught artist, and SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer with a website dedicated to helping women with any kind of cancer stay connected to Self, Others, and Spirit. ...

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