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Inner Voices of Creativity

SoulCollage® Series with Anne Marie Bennett

Inner Voices of Creativity is a series focusing on those little voices in our minds that have something to say about everything we do. Some of the voices are helpful (the creative child, the observer, the patient one...), and some of the voices get in our way (the inner critic, the bully, self-doubt...). Join me on a journey where we meet each of these inner voices, and along the way you'll discover how you can embrace your own creativity more fully.

Journey in

Let Your Inner Creative Child Out to Play!

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Nurture Your Inner Child. What does your Inner Creative Child look like? Is he/she getting enough healthy doses of creativity?

Come Home to Yourself with Your Inner Journaler

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Connect to Your Writing. Have you ever been brought home to yourself when journal writing?

Where Are Your Creative Boundaries Today?

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Establish Creative Boundaries. Do you need to draw some proverbial lines in the sand in order to give yourself the creative freedom you crave?

Don't Let Your Inner Critic Get You Down!

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage for Inner Awareness and Understanding. Notice your own reaction to what your inner critic is telling you — do you believe the insults and criticisms?

Shed Some Inner Light On Your Holidays

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Experience Lightness. What is your inner chorus telling you about your holiday plans?

Inner Vision, Outer Truth

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Develop Insight. Is it possible to use your own inner vision to enhance your creative work this week?

The Impatience Gremlin

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Calm the Stirrings of Impatience. If you're living the creative life, then your own little Gremlin of Impatience is going to rear its ugly head with you from time to time.

Patience: The Calming, Lovely Antidote

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Experience Contentment. If the Voice of Impatience has the power to block us on our creative journeys, then the Patient Voice is the calming, lovely antidote.

Permission to Rest

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Rest and Rejuventate. See if you can access your own Permission to Rest voice and allow yourself some luscious time and space away from your project(s).

Self-Doubt: Creativity Killer

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Strengthen Confidence. Is there an inner voice in your mind that is full of self-doubt?

Staying in Contact with the Divine

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage for Divine Connection. How can you bring the Divine more consciously into your own creative practice?

What's Intuition Got to Do with It?

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Intuit Inner Wisdom. Try getting in touch with your own intuition and watch amazing things begin to happen in your own creative life!

Singing Your Own Song

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Make Your Own Music. What song have you been singing lately? Is this the song that you really want to be singing?

Worthiness: Drinking from the Bowls of Life

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to be Nourished by Joy. There is a voice inside of each of us that says and fervently believes "I am worthy." Spend some time in silence this week and see if you can hear that voice inside of you.


SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Open to Inner and Outer Knowledge. There has always been a part of me who wonders, who asks a lot of questions, who is thirsty for knowledge.

Releasing Fear, Embracing Trust

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Trust the Process. Is there a part of you who is ready to let go of something old and step out in trust on a new path?

Authenticity to the Rescue!

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Recall Your Uniqueness. Allow your authentic inner voice to remind you that your creativity is yours and yours alone.

The Inner Rebel Rides Again

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Facilitate Creative Expression. What does your Rebellious Inner Child do to act out her anger at you when she's not allowed to express her abundant creativity?

Sweet Surrender

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Relax into the Flow. What happens to your creativity when you lean back into your life and let it flow around you like a wild and wonderful waterfall?

I Can Do It Myself... Or Can I?

SoulCollageUsing SoulCollage to Allow Supportive Connections. This seemingly strong, independent voice can really hinder your creative work. Reach out, take a risk, and watch your creativity flourish.

SoulCollage® Series:
Inner Voices of Creativity

Anne Marie BennettAnne Marie Bennett is a published author, self-taught artist, and SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer with a website dedicated to helping women with any kind of cancer stay connected to Self, Others, and Spirit. ...

Soulcollage: An Intuitive Collage Process for Individuals and Groups by Seena B. Frost

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