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New & Improved: Creating Growth Through Innovation
Authors : Jonathan Vehar

New & Improved Organizational Innovation Guru

Jonathan VeharJonathan Vehar is a Senior Partner at New & Improved, an organizational development firm focused on the people skills for innovation.

Organizations that have benefited from his training, keynote presentations and facilitation include: Disney; GE; Johnson & Johnson; Kraft; McDonalds; Pfizer; Texas Instruments, the US EPA; and various business schools.

Investor's Business Daily calls Jonathan an "Innovation Guru" and he has written extensively about innovation and creative thinking. His latest book, co-authored with Bob Eckert is entitled, "More Lightning, Less Thunder: How to Energize Innovation Teams." As a speaker and seminar leader, Jonathan has presented creativity programs to tens of thousands of people, primarily in The Americas.

Jonathan lives in the Chicago area, and when he's not working, Jonathan can be found racing sailboats, cooking, and chasing after his dog.

Innovation Articles by Jonathan Vehar

Scar Tissue: Celebrating Failure
By Jonathan Vehar
We all bare the scars of failure. Life breaks everyone. However, some people end up stronger in the broken places.

How to Avoid Prematurely Killing the Next Big Idea
By Jonathan Vehar
Sometimes creating brilliant new ideas is easy. It's trying to convince other people of the brilliance of an idea that's difficult.

Learning or Failing? The Value of Making Mistakes
By Jonathan Vehar
Go out there, try some new things, fail, and learn from it. It's the only way to innovate and improve.

Seeking Answers With Creative Questions!
By Jonathan Vehar
Using the SCAMPER method — first developed by Alex Osborn and aconym-ized by Bob Eberle.

How to Generate Better Ideas
By Jonathan Vehar
Ways to help you create more options or ideas to solve your personal and professional problems or challenges.
Plus: How Can I be Creative and Generate Lots of Ideas?

Creating the Elevator Speech
By Jonathan Vehar
An elevator speech is the concise, punchy, planned description that overviews the value provided by a person or organization.

Diving Deeper into Innovation
By Jonathan Vehar
There's more to the science of creative innovation than mere tools and techniques.

Innovation Space Exploration
By Jonathan Vehar
Designing your optimal creative environment.

Catalyzing Innovation
By Jonathan Vehar
188 strategies to powerfully bring innovation to the organization NOW!

To Solve the Problem Ask the Right Question
By Jonathan Vehar
Some problems become huge obstacles that successfully prevent us from moving forward, unless we can apply our creativity to tackle them.

Creativity: Turning Off Judgment to Turn On New Ideas!
By Jonathan Vehar
Creativity is pretty simple. All you need to do is open your mind to new ideas. Unfortunately, opening one's mind is not a natural reaction any more, and not easy to do.