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Kevin Nixon : Being Open for Creativity

Being Open . . . for Creativity

By Kevin Nixon

The universe is not only expansive but is continually expanding. This expansion does not happen haphazardly. It is my feeling that the universe expands in conjunction with man's evolution. That is, the more man opens to his potential, the more the universe expands to meet the expectations of that potential.

There are so many things in life, that if you let them, will keep you small, frightened and thus closed off from your potential. Hatred, suspicion, fear, mistrust, jealousy, and prejudice are all examples of dispositions that prevent you from being open to the gifts of existence. There is a popular saying that warns us against blocking our blessings; in fact, the saying is "don't block your blessings." We block our blessings when we are closed.

It is not by accident that those who have experienced joy have cautioned you against being closed off. In fact, you are encouraged to be childlike and for the simple reason that children are open, receptive, expressive and whimsical.

Life itself is both paradoxical and whimsical. It is these paradoxes and whimsies that give life its amusing quality. My observation is that those persons having the most fun are those who are amused by life. Have you ever watched a child as they frolicked about in that magical world of their own making? Do they not appear to be quite amused?

Yes, it is often only in hindsight that you can laugh at the paradoxes and whimsies. But your ability to laugh (even though it is after the fact) is your proof that the seriousness of any situation is only a matter of perspective. If you can change your perspective, if you can learn to look for the funny side of any situation, you will have discovered a key to opening yourself to life's blessings.

Life surely consists of a variety of, well, everything. Surely an existence that contains so much variety, an existence that constantly surprises you, an existence that offers you so much, must be a joyful one; for after all, variety is said to be the spice of life.

We become closed, when rather than accepting the paradoxes and whimsies, we choose instead to fight against them. We try hard to control the outcome of life; but to be in control often requires one to narrow their life into manageable pieces. And I say to you that to attempt to manage one's life in pieces (a piece here, a piece there) is contrary to the essence of life, the true essence of which is holistic.

A truth of life is that it cannot really be managed. As I said earlier, life is in a constant state of expansion; it continually moves. In order to control anything, that thing must be static and predictable. Paradoxically, to be open is to be unpredictable and dynamic.

We say things like, "he who does not take a stand for something will fall for anything." And by this statement, we mean he who takes a principled, inflexible stand, one that will not change even as life itself is changing. We utter such statements and we think that we have discovered a profound truth, but reality appears to be quite the opposite: He who takes an inflexible stand — for anything, he who has a myopic view of existence can only have such a view if he, from a mental, spiritual and even physical point of view is "frozen" in a particular space and time. Ironically, it is because of this frozen state that he who has taken a stand will experience many falls; for life by its expansion will continue to reveal other paths, leading to other truths.

And, of course, if life is continually revealing new paths, leading to new truths, but you insist on standing on this path with this truth, then you will have to fall from your frozen stance many times — that is if you are to progress. However, the person that is open to life is not frozen; he or she simply flows with its changing. For such a person there may be times when they forget, still, falling will be a rare occurrence. At any rate, when the person who is generally open to life falls, he or she falls but with faith that the open arms of creation will be there to catch them.

Your creativity activates the moment you become receptive (open) to all of existence and thus all of its possibilities. It is your receptiveness that gives life the opportunity to expand itself; and for this opportunity, life rewards you by inspiring you and infusing you with creativity. Not only are you inspired, but life will also open doors through which your newly discovered creativity can be expressed. •

© 2011 Kevin Nixon. All rights reserved.

Kevin NixonKevin Nixon is an author, speaker, and healer, specializing in the ancient healing modality know as Reiki. Kevin currently conducts creativity workshops and healing sessions in the Metro Atlanta area. More »