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Children's Creativity
Creativity : Fostering Children's Creativity

Children's Creativity

ABCChildren have an endless well of creative energy. It shows up in the whimsical lyrics they sing, their imaginative play, and in their innate ability to make something out of anything. Because they don't fret over what anyone else will think, they are free to live an authentic life that reflects their unique style. More »

Children's Creativity Author Series

Stavroula Papadopoulos Inspiring Creativity in Teachers
An inspiring collection of articles by Stavroula Papadopoulos who inspires children and mentors fellow teachers to higher levels of creativity.

Maria ChatziKid's Craft Projects & Being Creative
A collection of kid-friendly craft projects and 'overcoming creativity blocks' tips by Maria Chatzi who loves nature, learning, and helping adults and kids discover their creative side.

Marjorie SarnatFostering Creative Thinking in Children
A collection of articles by Jr Imagination® founder Marjorie Sarnat, an author, artist, and designer who fosters creative thinking skills in children.

Abby ConnorsTeaching Children & Enhancing Creativity
A collection of powerful articles by Abby Connors who works with young children and knows their amazing creative minds is a joyous gift, a unique privilege, and an awesome responsibility.

More Children's Creativity Articles

Enhancing Creativity in Children
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Teaching, role modeling, and fostering creative thinking.

Harnessing Children's Imagination for Positive Social Change
By Ashfaq Ishaq
How can we harness children's imagination and inculcate creativity and empathy for positive social change in the world? Plus interview with the founder of the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), Ashfaq Ishaq.

Five Tips For Encouraging Creativity In Children
By Tyler Enfield
It's a common dream, shared by parents across the globe: To watch their child become the next Mozart, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, or Proust. But what exactly does it take to shape a child prodigy? And just as importantly: Is it even our job?

The Top Ten Benefits of Play
By Marianne St. Clair
Play is extremely important for humans from birth to death. Play is not meant to be just for children. It is a form of release and connection that can tap the creativity and can allow you the chance to connect with your inner child and the inner child of others.

Children Teach Creativity
By Linda Nowicki
Children have an endless well of creative energy. It shows up in the whimsical lyrics they sing, their imaginative play, and in their innate ability to make something out of anything.

Children's Art and Creativity Organizations

Denver Art Museum's Creativity Resource for Teachers
Launched in January 2012, this free website developed by the Denver Art Museum in collaboration with teachers provides more than 600 adaptable lesson plans written by teachers for over 130 objects from the museum’s world-class art collection.

Lesson plans and resources focus on inspiring students to think and problem-solve creatively and is organized in an easy way so that teachers can pick the topic they’d like to explore or enhance, then learn how to integrate art into that subject.

Includes professional and student development tools such as webinars, virtual classroom courses, career videos, educator blogs and creativity tools. Easy for teachers in language arts, social studies and visual arts to provide a curriculum rooted in the arts while also meeting 21st Century Skills.

International Child Art Foundation (ICAF): Harnessing Children's Imagination's for Positive Social Change
Since 1997 the International Child Art Foundation has served as the national art and creativity organization for American children and the international art and creativity organization for the world's children.

International Society for Education through Art (InSEA)
The International Society for Education Through Art is a non-governmental organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). InSEA has succeeded in establishing an international community dedicated to advocacy, networking and the advancement of research in art education using our website, Facebook and Skype, as well as regional and international congresses and journal publications. We have on-line and face-to-face meetings, virtual and on-site exhibitions of children's art, research publications and symposia, and Internet portals to a vast range of teaching and learning resources often with access to museums and galleries world-wide.

Creativity Portal Playground Kid's Activities
Dozens of creativity-stimulating art, craft, writing, and creative thinking projects, puzzles, and activities for children and kids at heart.

Teach Creativity
Abigail Connors' "TeachCreativity" site is a collection from her 20 years of teaching, presenting and writing, of music and literacy activities to inspire creativity in young children.

Do Art! Make Stuff
Jacque Wadsworth's Website sharing ideas on art and teaching art, mostly for children's art.

Child Art Galleries
Devoted to the expression of children's art in all forms. Features links to online galleries and exhibits from MOCHA, PaPaINK, and ICAF.

Updated 5/6/2015