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Boost Your Brain Power! Free Game Download
Creativity : Brain-Building Puzzles, Games & Brainteasers

Creativity: Teasing the Brain with Fun, Play, and Games

Brain-building Puzzles, Activities, Games, and Brainteasers

Design your own wordsearchResearch continues to prove that creative thinking and problem solving skills are enhanced by the challenging fun and play puzzles, games, and brainteasing activities give to the brain. And if you're seeking resources for fun brain exercises, mind challenges, and puzzles to expand your thinking 'outside the box' skills, this collection of creativity-enhancing puzzle and brainteasers will keep you busy for hours!

Brain-Building Puzzles & Mind bending Illusions

6 Optical Illusions that will knock your socks off!
By Chris Dunmire
Six really cool optical illusions for you to enjoy and look at anytime you need to unstuck your brain.

Tree-mendous Memory! GameTree-mendous Memory! Game
By Chris Dunmire
Adults and kids can play this free printable game as a way to exercise memory and boost brainpower

Can You Solve the Nine Magic Dots Puzzle?
By Edward Glassman, PhD
Use the the classic and alternative Nine Magic Dots puzzles as a technique to create a creative atmosphere in workplace R&D.

Printable Word Search Puzzles
By Chris Dunmire
If finding hidden words in a scrambled letter grid are your bag, you'll love stretching your creative brain with this assortment of seasonal and holiday-themed find-a-word puzzles that you can download and print for personal use.

Be Creative! Adults Exercises & Activities
By Chris Dunmire
If you're drawn to ' thinking outside the box' with words and art, these particular Be Creative! activities are the perfect challenge for you.

Puzzle and Brainteaser Websources

Robert Alan Black's Creativity Challenges
Do you want to increase your creativeness, expand your creative thinking skills, spark your creativity, and learn fun ways to tap and improve your creativity in 15 minutes? If so, try out Robert Allen Black's Creativity Challenges!

Archimedes Lab is a free and collaborative edutainment website developed and maintained by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber, two authors with more than twenty years of experience in the fields of visual thinking and education. The main goal of the site is to popularize math through puzzles and games. is divided into three main categories: puzzles & tests, illusions & paradoxes, oddities & curiosities. Among the proposed educational things, visitors will find number games, riddles, puzzles with downloadable pieces, perception puzzles and interactive optical illusions. A principal objective throughout the site is the enhancement of critical thinking skills.
Creative thinking puzzles, wordplay, riddles and brain teasers for the whole brain.

Brainers Brain Teasers
Over 50 brain teaser riddles and answers to sharpen your problem-solving skills and help you to think outside of the box!

How to Build Your Own Creativity Challenging Puzzles
Michael Reilly shows you how to construct your own Weaver's Puzzle using wood, string, and art tacks. Includes detailed step-by-step photo illustrations to make this fun, mind-challenging puzzle. Other puzzle projects include a Bug-A-Zoo and L.I.P.S. puzzle (Lines in Particular Shapes).

Lateral Thinking Puzzles
These lateral thinking puzzles will exercise your brain cells and remind your brain that it can think laterally.

Filsinger Games: PDF Download Library
Dedicated to inspiring safe, family friendly creative thinking for people of all ages, Filsinger Games offers over 1,000 free 'print & play' PDF game charts, characters and interactive storylines surrounding the futuristic realm of sci-fi wrestling.

Updated 1/5/14