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Nourish Your Creative Life

How to Be Creative: Cultivating & Expressing Creativity

We often find our richest sources of creative inspiration through our experiences and connections with other people, places, and things. Aspects of our own personalities that can either support or detract from experiencing the rich, productive creative lives that we desire. How do we overcome ourselves? These articles address ways to cultivate the intention of creativity, practice creative thinking in everyday matters, and express ourselves in an unlimited number of creative ways.

Everyone is Creative
By Kelle Walsh
From Imagine Magazine. How to nourish and flourish your own creative style.

On the Importance of Creativity
By Ashfaq Ishaq
Creativity is a quintessential attribute of human beings.

The Pendulum Swings Right
By Marianne St. Clair
A major shift is happening inside our brains.

What it Takes to Finally Live Your Dream
By Suzanne Falter-Barns
It seems to me there is only one real and proper way to live a joyful life, and that is to do the thing you are meant to be doing.

Play — The Elixir of Creativity
By Jeannine McGlade and Andrew Pek
From an evolutionary standpoint, research shows that if we frequently play, our cerebellum will increase in size.

10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity
By Julie Plenty
Creativity is your birthright — but can often be hidden in the everyday.

By Lance Gallup
Many principles are common to all humanity and apply as well to engineers and bus drivers as they do to musicians and artists.

Deal of a Lifetime
By Lilly Fluger
I have a genius, marvelous body for free! That body lets me experience the joys of beautiful sights, the pleasures from delicious tastes and aromas...

Unlocking Your Imagination
By Arthur Levine
In order to unlock our imaginations we have to strip away years of inhibitions that have kept us from fulfilling our dreams.

Think Orange! Creativity & the Sacral Chakra
By Louise Pool
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could just flick a switch and turn on your creativity?

Soul Food Cafe
Heather Blakey's portal for artists and writers alike; a safe haven where imagination soars and creativity flourishes. Amazing introspective exercises, writing prompts, and visual art fun.

The Practically Creative Quarter
"The Practically Creative Quarter is a webzine that focuses on exploring the creative process, increasing creative productivity, and enjoying the creative life. The site features a variety of articles, essays, tutorials, quick creative practices, and fun projects."

Creativity for Seniors: Creativity Matters for a Lifetime
Creativity: The benefits and paths of being creative targeted towards seniors. Blog column by Judith Zausner from eldr magazine.

Exploring Creativity Essays
Web site of Gary and Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer. Features essays, quotations, and healthy views for fostering creativity and encouraging personal growth and fulfillment in our lives.

Creativity is Good for the Bad
I Wish I Were Someone Else
Understanding Online Education
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