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Virtual Writing & Communications Solutions:
Authors : Mary H. Ruth

Mary Ruth's Virtual Writing and Communications Solutions

Mary H. RuthMary H. Ruth is now the proud owner of a virtual assistant business, specializing in writing and communications. After a long career and a lot of commuting, she's glad to be working for herself at her home office. Please visit her website at and blog at

Mary cut her professional teeth in the theater, working up from dresser to director. No training is as rigorous or complete as that offered by stage management! Then she worked in nonprofit arts organizations for three decades, employed in many aspects of the business, from house manager to education director. The meager nonprofit salary often required augmentation, and so Mary also has experience in general office management, graphics, estate management and real estate law. These days, painting and basic creativity are her obsessions, along with the intricacies of being a virtual assistant.

Business & Creativity Articles by Mary Ruth

Creativity, Cooperation and Capitalism
By Mary H. Ruth
Competition in business served us well in the past, but when the playing field is global, such strategies become self-defeating.

Listening: Basic to Creativity and to Business
By Mary H. Ruth
One of the most important disciplines in developing individual creativity is listening.

Business Success, the Creative Way
By Mary H. Ruth
In the less personal world of business there are multiple ways in which attunement to creativity is bringing success to those who are awake to its practices.