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Authors : Creativity Articles by Royane Real

Learn Faster, Remember Better, and Be More Creative

Royane Real is the author of the book, "How You Can Be Smarter — Use Your Brain to Learn Faster, Remember Better, and Be More Creative." To learn more brain boosting techniques, visit

Creativity Articles by Royane Real

Use Visualization to Expand Your Mind's Power
By Royane Real
This technique enables you to access some of the enormous untapped potential that resides in the mind of every individual.

Improve Your Ability to be Creative
By Royane Real
If you think that creativity is something that you only need if you're an artist, while you happen to be a middle-manager in a corporation, you may think increased creativity is not really necessary to your life.

Do Creativity and Negativity Mix?
By Royane Real
An ability to be critical of new ideas can be a force for evil, but it can also be a force for good.