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Behance: Make Ideas Happen.
Authors : Behance

Spotlight on the Behance Company

Helping Creative People Make Ideas Happen

Behance develops knowledge, products, and services that help creative people and teams make ideas happen. Behance's tips for creative professionals have been featured on MSNBC and across the web. The team's products are sold in the Behance Outfitter and in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among other fine retailers. Behance also developed the "Action Method," an approach to project management now practiced by creative teams in small studios and larger companies like Miramax Films and Apple. Behance is now building online services to foster professionalism and collaboration in the creative community.

Make Ideas Happen: Articles by Behance

Surviving The Project Plateau
By Scott Belsky
The project plateau is like an expansive desert, void of any oasis of inspiration or excitement. It is the pure drudgery in the middle stages of a project; ceaseless follow-ups and a lot of hard work with no clear end in sight.

Creative Professionals Need Professional Networks
By Behance Team
Your ideas are more likely to actually happen when you are organized, productive, and accountable.

Creativity & Productivity Tip: Moving the Ball Forward
By Behance Team
Every action taken (or not taken) either pushes your idea forward or holds it back.

Productive Leaders Tip: Urgent vs. Important
By Behance Team
When something is urgent, you rush to do it. When something is important, you prioritize it. In our everyday lives, we are forced to manage urgency and importance simultaneously.

Creative Profile: Kanchan Balse, Painter
By Behance Team
Balse's ability to manage her art career alongside a full-time teaching position and motherhood that challenges her to be a truly productive creative.

The Action Method: A Journey to Greater Productive Creativity
By Behance Team
After a couple years of studying how creative people stay organized, we developed a simple and easily customized method for managing projects.

Share to Make Ideas Happen
By Behance Team
Use other people and externally-generated deadlines as a way to boost your accountability!

Energy Lines: A Tool for Managing Your Creative Energy
By Behance Team
At its best, the energy line keeps you focused and serves as a constant reminder of how energy should be spent.

Present Yourself: Self-Marketing is OK!
By Behance Team
Get over the stigma around self-marketing. Nobody will represent you better than you.