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Find Inspiration in the Shadows - Photo © Cynthia Staples
Cynthia Staples : Find Inspiration in the Shadows

Tree Shadows - Photo © Cynthia Staples

Words & Images

Find Inspiration in the Shadows

By Cynthia Staples

I love to take pictures after the rain. The droplets that cling to leaves catch the light. Everything sparkles in a magical way. And so after nearly a month of rain, when the sun finally did shine down on Boston, I grabbed my camera and raced out into the day.

My destination was the Charles River. I don't know how the Charles compares to other great rivers in the world, but with its tree-lined banks, I find it a source of constant creativity and inspiration. There, along its winding shores, I knew I would have the best chance of getting some great shots. As I thought about what those great shots were going to look like I nearly collided with a little boy.

With an apologetic smile at his mother, I slid by. I had only walked ahead a few feet when I heard her say, "Do you know what that is on the ground? That's your shadow, baby. Your shadow never leaves you. Never."

Leaf Shadows - Photo © Cynthia Staples

I couldn't help it. The little kid in me suddenly wanted to see my shadow. My eyes moved from the tree tops to the path at my feet. The angle of the sun was such that my shadow was behind me. But I didn't care because stretched out before me were the shadows of the trees.

They were like Victorian silhouettes except these silhouettes moved with the wind. There was no sparkle just clarity of shape, size and definition. No rainbow colors popped out, of course, but I could see every shade of darkness. And it was beautiful.

That day, I still took pictures of sunlight captured in water and shining through leaves. But I also took these pictures of the shadow forest.

Here is a creative challenge for you. Step out into the sunshine. Look around. What shadows do you see? How might you capture their beauty? •

Path Shadows - Photo © Cynthia Staples

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© 2009 Cynthia Staples. All rights reserved.

Photo by Cynthia StaplesCynthia Staples is a highly creative writer and photographer living in the Boston area. Her words and images capture moments and memories and weave together inspiring stories for her readers. More »

Updated 4/17/14