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Journal Writing Articles
Writing : The Art of Journal Writing, Visual Journals & Blogging

Explore the Art of Journal Writing, Visual Journals & Blogging

See also: Journaling Articles, Journal & Writing Prompts

Do you want to start your own journal or diary? How about setting up your own e-journal or cloud-based blog? Want to discover the therapeutic aspects of writing, and need some inspiration for writing topics? If you've answered yes to any of the above, you'll enjoy the wealth of info in these resources to help and teach you the art of journal keeping.

Journal BlissEmbarking on a new journal journey? Try Creativity Portal's Imagination Prompt Generator and read our collection of journal writing articles exercises, and prompts. Go to Journaling Articles »

More Journaling Sources

Explore Blogging and eJournals
What is a blog (or e-Journal)? What are the benefits of blogging? How can I set one up for little cost or for free? Find out the answers to these and more in Creativity Portal's How to Blogging section.

Kristin Donovan's Journaling Saves — Better Living Through Journaling | Articles by Kristin Donovan
Daily journal writing will enrich your life, clarify your emotions, and jumpstart your creativity. Whether you're a dedicated journaler or eager to start, you'll find all the resources you need to get the journaling juices flowing. I'll guide you through the process using straightforward lessons, actionable tips, and stimulating writing prompts — illustrated by my own personal experience.

Collage Diva's Free Printable Mini Dream Journal
A free journal by Kathryn Costa to help keep your journal practice simple. She says, "This journal is designed to encourage you to keep track of your accomplishments, to celebrate all that you do, and to make plans for reaching your goals."

Journaling Life
Dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of journaling. Includes helpful tips on getting started, and explains the various kinds of journaling genres. Free monthly newsletter, and journaling prompts upon request.

Soul Food Cafe Spotlight
Everything a visual artist and journaler needs for inspiration, prompting, and feeding the imagination.

Conversations Within: Journal Writing & Inner Dialog
Gerry Starnes's site is an online workshop of journaling to help you to open to your own inner wisdom. Modules include Your Journal, Experiences, Inner Talk, and Practice.

Journal for You
"Journal for You (JFY) offers inspiration, hints and tips to enhance your journaling life!" Discussions include journal types, tools & supplies, tips and how-to's, and why journal.

Writing for Well Being
"It is a well known fact that writing has a positive effect on an individuals sense of well being." Essays about the therapeutic value of writing by Heather Blakey.

A Tool for the Spirit
An article highlighting the benefits of journal writing, and covers what you need to be successful at it. Includes: The rules of the game, techniques, and what you need.

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