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Writing : Greeting Card Writing

Explore Greeting Card Writing

No Frills Party InvitationSo you want to learn how to write greeting cards or break into the business of writing for major greeting card companies? Well, you're certainly not alone, and the need is great! According to experienced greeting card writer Sandra Louden, "Over 7.4 BILLION cards were sold to Americans last year; that breaks down to approximately 235 cards per second!"

To help you learn more, we've found some useful sources featuring helpful information, articles, and interviews about the greeting card writing industry.

How-to Greeting Card Writing Sources

Kate Haper Greeting Card Designer: The Profession of Designing and Writing Greeting Cards
A blog about professional Greeting card designing for writers and artists. Learn about greeting card design and how to write greeting card text. Sample topics include:

  • How to start a handmade card business.
  • Ideas for writers.
  • Tips on designing a good card.
  • Information on greeting card websites and blogs.
  • Classes and book reviews about card designing.
  • How to sell your card text to companies.

Phil Bolsta's Learn How to Write Greeting Cards!
Author of "Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything" Phil Bolsta sold more than 1,200 ideas to all the major greeting card companies. Here are ALL his secrets: 9 rules, 8 insights, 11 tips and 16 techniques.

Greeting Card Writing
"Sandra Louden's online tips to write greeting cards. Online experience for writers, artists, and others in the field of writing, designing, and illustrating greeting cards."

You're a What? Greeting Card Writer
An article on Occupational Outlook Quarterly by Olivia Crosby about a greeting card writer at American Greetings in Cleveland, Ohio.

Using the Internet to Crack the Greeting Card Market
Writers Write article by Greg A. Knollenberg with advice on using the Internet "to study the markets, learn about the industry and compete with other writers for your portion of this lucrative market."

Spanish Language Greeting Cards
Writing World's Q & A article with Susana Baughman, Spanish Language Editor on "How to succeed writing Spanish-language greeting cards for the largest minority group in the U.S."

Greeting Card Success
Informative article by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta on how to "Write (and Draw) Your Way To The Greeting Card Genre Success!"

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