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Writing : Calligraphy: Art of Hand-Lettering and Beautiful Writing

Explore Calligraphy

The Art of Hand-Lettering & Beautiful Writing

QCalligraphy is the art of creating beautiful or elegant handwriting (or penmanship) using calligraphy markers or special pens with nibs dipped in ink. Learn calligraphy and letterform techniques from these hand-selected sources featuring free learning, calligraphy lessons, courses, videos, and projects.

How-to Calligraphy Sources

Calligraphy for Everyone: A Short On-Line Calligraphy Lesson
Jim Bennett is the author of the best selling Calligraphy for Dummies and Calligraphy for Creative Kids (and adults too!). His site is dedicated to helping people learn calligraphy. "Calligraphy means 'beautiful writing' and can be both a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the spirit." Features calligraphy history, online lessons, gallery, and list of things you can create.

Calligraphy Centre: Artists of the Written Word
"We do calligraphy and we teach it. A love of the written word and its power to connect viscerally and spiritually is what drives us." Features a section for getting started in calligraphy covering: materials, supplies, and letterforms; and video clips of letterform designer John Stevens demonstrating brush and pen calligraphy.

"The premier Internet calligraphy discussion group. A Worldwide forum for discussion and information exchange for anyone with an interest in Calligraphy and Lettering Arts." Maintained by Teri Martin.

Learning Chinese Calligraphy & Video Tutorial
A free tutorial to help beginners who want to learn Chinese calligraphy. This multi-paged lesson illustrates the art of Chinese calligraphy characters with detailed photos and information about basic brush theories, correct posture, paper selection, styles, and brush techniques.

Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy
"We selected single words from the works of many master calligraphers from the past to illustrate the astounding beauty of the art. Like all art, it is best to simply look at them for enjoyment. Do not be sidetracked with questions of theory, technique, etc. Do not worry about "What is it?"

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