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The Writing Life: Voices of Experience
Writing : General Writing

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Magazines and Resources for Your Writing Life

Mastering the art of writing takes not only practice and good proofreading and editing skills, but includes knowledge about where to find the resources and answers that you need when you need them. Whether you write for yourself or for others, some writing fundamentals remain constant, while others evolve with time and technology. Books on writing style and technique that worked years ago may no longer be useful in a cliche-saturated world where former "rules" and expectations on craft have become more flexible, fluid, and creative.

Writing as a growing and ever-changing career choice presents more options than ever through publishing, self-publishing, and endless opportunities to share and market your work, connect and network with others, and learn the new tricks of the trade.The following resources offer much in the way of professional writing tips and techniques, freelance and publishing information, industry Q & A, and skill-enhancing writing exercises for every important facet of the writer's life.

Online Writing Resources

Writer's Digest Magazine: Writing Books, Competitions, and Other Resources for Writers
This online version of the popular print magazine helps you learn how to write better, get published, speak out, get creative, and find resources to support and nurture your writing life.

The Writer Magazine: The Essential Resource for Writers Since 1887
This online version of the classic magazine features monthly columns, market listings, writing tips, Web-only features, forums, and other tools for writers of all genres and platforms.

Anne Tyler Lord's The Writer's Life Blog
The Writer's Life is a regular series on Don't Fence Me In that looks at the life of writers from a personal angle; our challenges, our quests, and what drives us to create. Anne Tyler Lord draws from her psychotherapy background and her own writing life to write posts to inspire writers to unleash their creativity. She waves her magic wand to…

  • Amaze you with explorations into the mysteries of the creative process,
  • Inspire you with ways to animate your inner muses, or at least throw a lasso around 'em when they try to run away, and,
  • Excite you to embrace the wild, wacky, scary, bizarre, frustrating, blissful, ecstatic experience of being a writer, as she tries to do the same.

Lani Voivod's Wild Quills Blog
If you like to write, dawdle, doodle, scribble, learn, laugh, dream, or scheme, you'll love Lani's creativity-inspiring Wild Quills Blog featuring original articles, masterful muses, and proven tips, tools, 'n techniques for writers, poets, artists, bohemians, and entrepreneurs.

Explore Writing: How to Write Almost Anything
A unique reference point for anyone wishing to write either professionally or for pleasure. Written by experts it provides information on how to write almost anything from journalism to essays.

Freelance Writers at
A solid resource covering all aspects of freelance writing with articles, discussion forum, and free newsletter. Topics covered include: How to proofread your work, how to prepare a manuscript, how to collaborate, good advice, trends and ideas, research, words and styles, grant writing, greeting cards, journalism, PR and Marcom, technical writing, and Web and new media.

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