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Writing : Copywriting, Writing Copy for Promotional Ads, Marketing

Explore Copywriting, Writing Copy for Promotional Ads, Marketing

Copywriting is writing for advertising purposes and should not be confused with copyrighting, which means to secure the legal rights to reproduce, publish, and sell your work (i.e. writing or art). This collection of copywriting resources shares articles and Web sites explaining the fundamentals of copywriting, writing copy tips for marketing purposes, promotional ads, Web sites, and more.

How-to Copywriting Article Series & Sources

Copywriting Articles by Michele Pariza Wacek
Michele Pariza Wacek began writing professionally in 1993 and launched Creative Concepts and Copywriting in 1998. She teaches you how to combine your creativity with hard-hitting marketing and copywriting principles to sell more products and services and boost your business.

How to Write Powerful Headlines & Hook Readers
"Learning how to write powerful headlines takes practice, research, and a little creativity." Explore 'eleven time-tested and proven headline techniques' with Luke.

Copywriting at
Discusses topics related to copywriting: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA), courses, freelancing, sales letters, Web content, finding a copywriter, direct mail, pay per click, articles, and books.
"Free information, tips, and tricks on copywriting, marketing, and selling!"

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