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20Q Creativity Interviews: Share Your Story!

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Since 2011 Creativity Portal has extended an open invitation to creative professionals at all levels to participate in our 20Q Interview series.

A growing array of entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, writers, professors, teachers, coaches, therapists, performers, inventors, and others continue to answer the call to help inspire others trying to figure out their own creative callings and career paths. Participants respond to our questions eagerly, thoughtfully, and candidly with their stories detailing the ups and downs of their particular creative and artistic paths, from where they came from to where they intend to go, and plenty of in-between.

Enjoy the Stories!

Robert Joyner
Full-time Artist and Instructor

John Eger
Creativity and Innovation Author, Lecturer

Donald Rattner
Award-Winning Architect and Author of My Creative Space

Roslyn Rus
Workshop Facilitator and Writer

Brian R. Martens
Writer, Poet, Creativity Facilitator

Anne Botsford
Retired College Professor and Writer

Anita Marie Moscoso
Writer and Poet from Washington, USA

Nik Ridley
Executive Director for the Institute of Black History, Art, & Culture

Iona Singh
Artist & author of Color, Facture, Art and Design

Maggie Grinnell
Children's Picture Book Author

Charlene Jones
Life Coach and Psychotherapist

Luisa Toaldo
InMyOwnKitchen Chef

Leif Gregersen
Writer, Poet, Traveler

Shaik Ismail
Show Host, Stand Up Comedian, Inventor

Shia Lynn Toh
Copywriter, Blogger, Artist, and Crafter

Ken Hillberry
Kreative U Founder; Creativity Workshops Facilitator for Older Adults

Tanea Smith
Inspirational Speaker and Owner of She's Got Papers Stationery Designs

Charlotte Rains Dixon
Writer, Novelist, Blogger, Journalist

Stavroula Papadopoulos
Teacher, Writer of Books & Plays, Creative Language Workshops Leader

Andrew Utter
Acting Teacher, Stage Director in Los Angeles, California

Kadira Jennings
Artist, Art Teacher, Art School Studio Owner

Lorie Denhardt
Mom, Preschool Teacher, Crafter, Blogger

Karen Pilarski
Freelance Writer, Instructional Designer

Denise Wong Farah
Creativity and Life Coach, Artist, Writer

Ralph Dranow
Poet, Editor, Ghostwriter

Peggy Titt
Retired Behavior Management and Special Education Teacher

Buddhist Priest, Counsellor

Cynthia Morris
Certified Coach, Author, Speaker

Michael Bungay Stanier
Head of Box of Crayons, Author

Jill Allison Bryan
Singer/Songwriter, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach

Monique Shine
Amateur Writer, Veteran Thinker

Jacob Lett
Graphic Designer, Doodler, Blogger

Sherri Snyder
Artist, Painter, Psychotherapist

Jessica Goody
Essayist, Poet, Writer

Tameko Barnette
Author, Poet, Inner Healing Coach

Ed Glassman
Retired President of the Creativity College®

Tom Evans
Modern Day Magician and Alchemist