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A Writer's Book of Days by Judy Reeves
Authors : Judy Reeves

Writing Inspiration from Author Judy Reeves

Judy ReevesJudy Reeves, the author of A Writer’s Book of Days, has edited anthologies including the Brown Bag Anthology. A member of Second Story Writers and cofounder of the nonprofit The Writing Center, Reeves lives in San Diego, CA. More information at

A Writer's Book of Days

'A Writer's Book of Days' Interview
Author Judy Reeves discusses why writing is important, creative inspiration, muses, prompts, and writing obsessions in this special Q & A about her book "A Writer's Book of Days."

By Judy Reeves
Playing with words — squeezing out the sound of them, arranging them on the page in nonsensical visual dollops — is a delightful way to get some fun back into your work.

How Writing Heals
By Judy Reeves
When you write about something that gives rise to pain from the deep place of memory and body where it resides, you literally feel the emotions that surround it.

Being Vulnerable on the Page
By Judy Reeves
Our words tell the truth about more than what we're writing; they also tell the truth about us.