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Kitchen Blender Reviews
Authors : L.A. O'Neil

L.A. O'Neil: Healing through Cooking & Creative Expression

L.A. lives in Colorado and enjoys a true western lifestyle that serves as her inspiration as a writer and music teacher. She teaches voice and intermediate to advanced piano, writes in her spare time and cooks down home, mouth-watering meals whenever she has the chance. She'll be the first one to tell you that the simplicity of her life fills her soul, and she hopes her writing and teaching will inspire others to appreciate the opportunities of life. L.A. writes for — a resource for kitchen blender reviews and smoothie recipes.

Inspiring Articles by L.A. O'Neil

An Interview with Culinary Writer L.A. O'Neil
By Chris Dunmire
If you read L.A.'s articles on Creativity Portal, you'll notice a few openly discuss her experiences with vulnerable topics that many would find difficult to write about in such a personal way.

Paying it Forward: A Random Act of Kindness Story
By L.A. O'Neil
"All I ask of the two girls is that they pay if forward to someone else today."

On a Lighter Note . . . Cooking is How I Relax
By L.A. O'Neil
This may sound a little crazy, but I look forward to the weekends because there is a possibility that I will have time to cook.

Voices — Making a Difference in the Lives of Others
By L.A. O'Neil
I write and I teach music. Am I really making a difference in anybody's life? I mean a 'real' difference. [Sensitive subject matter.]

Meeting Miranda
By L.A. O'Neil
Miranda wanted to be a singer. For about the first four months of her voice lessons, I could barely hear her because she was so shy.

Just When I Thought Nothing Else Could Go Wrong . . .
By L.A. O'Neil
On healing spiritually and creatively after experiencing a physical assault. [Sensitive subject matter.]

Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
By L.A. O'Neil
Inspiring story on new beginnings after bi-lateral mastectomies.