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Artistic Lifestyling
Authors : Lise Richards

A Creative Arts Company: Artistic Lifestyling

Lise RichardsLise Richards is a lifestyle and home arts entrepreneur and the owner of Artistic Lifestyling, a North Carolina-based creative arts company. She is a firm believer that all people are creative and will blossom when placed in environments that are specifically designed to nurture creativity, family traditions, fellowship and fun. As a former art gallery and arts education center owner, Lise uses art and creative exercises as a way to examine lifestyle & design subtleties.

Creativity Articles by Lise Richards

Living with Creative Intention
By Lise Richards
Creative people live in spaces that help them cultivate their ideas and develop new projects.

Your Creative Resolutions
By Lise Richards
Strategies for making your creative projects grow in magnitude and importance each year."

Creative Popping
By Lise Richards
Brainstorming for imaginative people. Creative Popping is my term for the next level in brainstorming.

Are your surroundings encouraging your creativity?
By Lise Richards
Years ago I blamed all of my abandoned creative projects on the stinginess of my muse.

Nine Ways to Live Creatively
By Lise Richards
Creativity — according to Webster's it means having the ability or power to create; characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative.

Mastering the Creative Art of Holiday Decor
By Lise Richards
Tips you may not have thought of to help you add more sparkling pizzazz and a touch of creativity to your holiday decor.