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Lise Richards : Creative Popping — Brainstorming for Imaginative People

Creative Popping — Brainstorming for Imaginative People

By Lise Richards

Last weekend I hosted a group of women for a Creative Popping session. Creative Popping is my term for the next level in brainstorming. It seems to happen best in a group, where ideas are allowed to bubble up, join forces and explode into new ventures that change the world. Really. It works. On the simplest level it is just pure popping and bubbling energy, buoyed by excitement, anticipation and dedication to the projects at hand. I like to use this technique when I'm collaborating with other businesses, expanding my services or joint ventures and working with my clients. There are so many benefits, but for me, the best part is that each session provides me with ongoing inspiration and motivation.

This whole idea of the Creative Pop started at one of my gallery openings. This particular evening, we set up a group art project where many people painted together on one large canvas. Each artist's work seemed to feed the needs of the next. And so it went until the canvas was full of bold color, unique words and thoughtful expressions, and palpable excitement. The picture of Creative Pop; and a direct contrast to the brainstorming sessions held in any of my corporate settings. Corporate brainstorming to me is far too safe for many reasons. Ideas this safe may not make a big splash in the world.

Can you Pop alone? Of course, we do it all the time. I believe the entire world plucks ideas from a place high in the creative ether. No idea is intrinsically new, but any idea that is filtered by unique life experiences and viewpoints is magically reborn. I love this perspective, because we can sometimes miss the point of our greatness and succumb to doubts and second thoughts. But Creative Popping in a group gives you those audacious results, and the support we all need to stay inspired.

Can you spot the Creative Pop? Sure! Just look for these signs:

  • You're thinking about a creative project or a creative solution to a boring problem;
  • You're having fun;
  • You're not judging;
  • You hear people say — "WOW — that is a great idea!" over and over again;
  • You feel energized, motivated and enthusiastic about the future;
  • You walk away with really sound, practical ideas;
  • You implement these ideas and they work really well.

When you're ready to get popping, remember these guidelines:

  • Get a group of people together — Ideally people with whom you want to work, solve problems, study issues, or just get to know;
  • Serve good food and maybe some equally good wine — Alternatively, you may want to cook and talk and eat at the same time — We did, and had the best time.
  • Loosen up and trust the process;
  • Remind everyone that there is no such thing as a bad idea and expand upon any ideas that are offered;
  • Discourage criticism and banish practical thinking — Be BOLD.
  • The best way to strengthen the discussion is to bolster individual ideas and give credit to the person making the suggestion;
  • Take good notes and put it into action.

There you have it, my recipe for the Pop. Try it out on your family, friends, clients and business partners.

Remember, it doesn't have to be all about business either. You can use this technique when you plan your class reunion or family gathering, decorate your house, or plant a new garden bed. Use it anytime you want to think outside the box.

I am always on the lookout for anyone who wants to join me in my next Creative Popping session. Imagine the possibilities! Be Creative! •

© Lise Richards 2004

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