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Art of Living
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The Art of Living

Life-Enhancing Articles for Artists

Get into the Holiday Spirit — Finding True Joy!
By Karen A. Dahlman
December is a month that is synonymous with the holidays, gatherings, gifting, good cheer and wishing peace on earth. It is also a time of frenzy as you attempt to continue with your day-to-day life while also preparing for the added events that this time of the year brings.

Finding Balance
By Karen A. Dahlman
Living a balanced life may conjure up images of balanced scales, being a "superhuman", feeling even-keeled and in control. Is it possible to live a balanced life?

Art and Life Are On: Artella's Waltz of Words and Art
By Eugenia Toledo-Keyser
Artella combines art, music, poetry, "prosems" (prose and poems) collages, paintings and little surprises and pockets neatly put in certain pages. The magazine is like the stages of a butterfly; the reader is the person who will ultimately "make it fly" or transform it into a rich piece of literature.