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Writing Life: Voices of Experience
Authors : Mimi Greenwood Knight

The Freelancer's Life

Mimi Greenwood Knight is an artist in residence and freelance writer living in Folsom, Louisiana with her husband, David, four kids, three cats and five dogs. She's a frequent contributor to Parents Magazine, Working Mother and Christian Parenting Today. She enjoys gardening, baking, Bible study and the lost art of letter writing.

Featured Articles by Mimi Greenwood Knight

A Privileged Life
By Mimi Greenwood Knight
Being a freelance writer is a privileged life — not privileged materially — unless your last name is Grisham or Rowling or King — but lavishly indulgent in other ways.

Life As I Know It
By Mimi Greenwood Knight
I suspect I enjoy saying I'm a freelance writer more than I actually enjoy being one.

Writing for Her
By Mimi Greenwood Knight
Sometimes I think that getting published was the worst thing that ever happened to my writing.