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DAZ Studio Render
Authors : Blaine Furner

Blaine Furner's DAZ Studio Illustration Articles

Blaine FurnerBlaine Furner is a Product Manager at DAZ 3D. Their tools help people create 3D art using a free software program called DAZ Studio. It offers many free models for beginners and a huge store of virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, and environments.

Have fun illustrating your stories yourself with royalty-free images using DAZ Studio from

How to Create a Virtual Landscape Using Bryce
By Blaine Furner
Bryce has the tools to create a landscape quickly and easily.

Create Royalty-Free Illustrations Using DAZ Studio
By Blaine Furner
What makes this your own creation? The tools available in DAZ Studio and the figures allow almost unlimited capabilities.

How Can I Illustrate My Book Myself?
By Blaine Furner
Are you an author/writer who wants to save time and money illustrating your book? Illustrate it yourself using DAZ 3D.