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Story Starters
Maria Chatzi : Story Starters for Saint Patrick's and April Fool's Day

Story Starters for

Saint Patrick’s and April Fool’s Day

By Maria Chatzi

Are you suffering from writer’s block? Do you need to sharpen your creative writing skills? Set aside some time every day, for ten days, and do some writing with these story starters for Saint Patrick’s and April Fool’s Day. They will challenge your imagination to run wild. They may give you a great idea for a new story or they could be the twist to a story you’re already writing.

Shamrock I didn’t believe in lucky charms up to the day the silver four-leaf clover turned my life upside down.

Shamrock I rubbed my eyes unwilling to believe what I was experiencing. Everything around me had turned green!

ShamrockThe weird old man handed me a small pot of gold. “Hide it… quickly! They’re almost here!” was all he said before he disappeared into the thickness of the fog.

ShamrockShe slammed the door at his face and hastily turned the key on the lock. How could he trick her into thinking it was an April Fool’s joke?

Shamrock Martin will always remember that April Fool’s day. He had pulled a prank on his new neighbor and the joke backfired.

Shamrock My dad was an honest man — too honest for April Fool’s day.

Shamrock“End of Rainbow!” called the conductor. I stepped outside. It was nothing like I had ever imagined.

Shamrock It all started with that unavoidable fight between my black cat and the leprechaun.

Shamrock I had no idea my friend was cultivating four-leaf clovers. Not until I found her secret gardening spot.

Shamrock Jenny pulled me back as I was about to enter Mr. Chingman’s front yard. “Haven’t you noticed how tiny he is and his liking for green?”

Happy writing!

Tip When the 10-day writing period is over, and you’ve crafted your 10 short stories, be creative and use these story starters as paragraph starters. You can pair the paragraph starters to write five more, most imaginative stories. •

© 2013 Maria Chatzi. All rights reserved.

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