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Creativity : Breaking it Down: Fundamental Creativity Teachings

Breaking it Down: Fundamental Creativity Teachings

This powerful collection of articles, assessments, lists, and bits of advice from professional coaches details the benefits to creativity; keys to developing, enhancing, and boosting your creativity; practical ways to become more creative; and traits of creative people.

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Fundamental Creativity Articles

Defining Creativity
By James C. Kaufman, PhD
For every question we might tackle, another thousand pop up. What is creativity? Chapter 1 excerpt from Creativity 101 (Springer Publishing Company, 2009).

The History of Creativity
By John Dillon
Creativity began about 40,000 years ago when our ancestors first made tools out of bone and ivory.

How to Create a Mind Map
By ThinkBuzan
Practical information for how to begin your map, branch out your ideas, make map connections and get creative!

32 Traits of Creative People
By Robert Alan Black, Ph.D.
Are you ready to take an inventory of your creative traits? Each of these traits, if emphasized mildly to strongly, will help you be more creative.

Assess Your Creativity Habits
By Edward Glassman, PhD
On a scale of 1 to 5, identify the factors that hinder your creativity at work.

You're Not Mad, You're Creative
By Orna Ross
15 Questions: Are You Highly Creative? Use the questions to examine more deeply how you have experienced this ability in your life, particularly when you have experienced it as a liability.

The Habits that Spark Your Creative Genius
By Jeannine McGlade & Andrew Pek
Five specific habits that work in harmony with one another to shape the anatomy of creative genius.

Creative Arts and Creative Thinking Are Not the Same Thing!
By Abby Connors
There's so much more to "educating the creative mind" than arts education.

Updated 1/5/14