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The Writing Life: Voices of Experience
Authors : Bonnie Boots

Write Side Out! Writing Advice from Bonnie Boots

Bonnie Boots is an award-winning writer with a background in newspapers and magazines. Her web site,, contains an overview of her published work, including clips, along with free articles on topics of interest to creative people. Bonnie is also a prolific designer whose work has been used by many major corporations and print publications. Her web site features her humorous designs and material aimed at writers.

Writing Articles by Bonnie Boots

Creative Work Isn't Found — It's Made
By Bonnie Boots
Jobs for creative people almost never show up in the Help Wanted ads. That means people gifted with the ability to write, draw or entertain must make their own opportunities.

Professional Writers Dance Between Passionate and Impersonal
By Bonnie Boots
Learning to survive in the marketplace requires some fancy emotional footwork. Read these tips for raising your writer's emotional I.Q.

Deadlines Can Be A Writer's Best Friend
By Bonnie Boots
I hear other writers grousing about deadlines, even disregarding them until an unhappy editor prods them. That's a shame, because respecting deadlines can help you mature personally and professionally.

Writers Can Grow to Be Comfortable with Criticism
By Bonnie Boots
Dealing with criticism is part of being a writer. In fact, it's part of every creative pursuit. Learning to cope with it comfortably will help you grow as both a creative professional and a person.

Updated 1/5/14