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Deb Simpson, Author
Authors : Deb Simpson

Writing & Publishing Expertise from Author Deb Simpson

Deb SimpsonDeb Simpson writes non-fiction, fiction and poetry. Her poems have been published in literary journals, newspapers, magazines and industry publications.

Deb lends her strong support to CASA, the Court Appointed Special Advocate Program, an organization that works with children in foster care, to ensure that they are receiving the resources and support needed to deal with this difficult time in their lives. A portion of the proceeds from Deb's children's book, Pink Place & Blue Blaze, A Special Edition, are donated to CASA to continue their vital work.

Deb lives with her husband, Paul, and their three cat-kids, in Murfreesboro, TN (near Nashville). For more information about Deb or her books, please go to

Writing Articles by Deb Simpson

Tracking and Totals
By Deb Simpson
Tying your book's publication and overhead costs together. Part 4 of Your Book's Bottom Line.

Formats, Fulfillments, and Fees
By Deb Simpson
How your book's publication, printing, and distribution costs impact your book's bottom line. Part 3 of Your Book's Bottom Line.

Promotion, Profit or the Poorhouse
By Deb Simpson
How marketing costs — including promotion, advertising, book reviews, promotional items, and promotional events affect your book's bottom line. Part 2 of Your Book's Bottom Line.

Birthing A Book: The Cost of Development
By Deb Simpson
"How is your book doing? Making any money yet?" Part 1 of Your Book's Bottom Line.

Painless Peeps: The Simple & Fun Way to Create Characters
By Deb Simpson
A good story starts with interesting characters.

Updated 1/5/14