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Possum Poet
Authors : Erin Steeley

Erin Steely Inspires Others to Reading and Writing

Erin SteeleyMy name is Erin Steeley and I am a writer who loves to write children's books. I write whatever catches my interest, but my main focus in on inspiring others to love reading and writing. I have worked with the National Park Service, as a sign language interpreter and a teacher in special education in the past. I have a passion for reading, art, writing and enjoying life each moment. My first book, "The Soldier and the Storyteller," was published in 2006 through Publish America.

Writing Articles by Erin Steeley

The Query Letter
By Erin Steeley
When authors want to introduce their book to a potential publisher, they use the query letter as a sort of "handshake."

The Writing Process:Authors Learn to Write Just Like You
By Erin Steeley
Have you ever wondered how authors create the books that they write? An overview of the stages in the writing process.

An Author's Responsibility to Readers
By Erin Steeley
What if an author would be willing to give one free day to a local school to come in and speak to the children for free? Just one afternoon, even an hour, would make a huge difference in a child's life.

Updated 1/5/14