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Ring of Truth
Authors : Ralph Dranow

Ring of Truth Writing and Editing

with Ralph Dranow

Ralph DranowRalph Dranow loves to work with people who have written something deep and passionate but feel that the writing is not quite there yet. With his writing and editing skills, he can help make the writing flow so that his clients feel their ideas and feelings have been given their strongest expression. He always gives his clients' writing the attention to detail and nuance it deserves. Ralph has edited nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

He has also worked as a journalist, ghostwriter, and oral historian. His articles have been published in many magazines and newspapers. His award-winning poetry has appeared in over 60 literary publications. Ralph is a passionate reader and seeks to make a difference in the world with his work. He lives in Oakland, California.

Articles by Ralph Dranow

Ring of Truth Writing and Editing
By Ralph Dranow
The foundation of strong writing is the ring of truth, writing that comes from a deep place inside and taps into universal feelings and experiences.

Why Our Life Stories Matter
By Ralph Dranow
It was immediately exhilarating to begin writing honestly about my life in a way my short stories hadn't managed to do.

Writing Your Life Story: Dealing With Painful Memories
By Ralph Dranow
Some of you might have seriously considered writing your life story but then thought, "I've done some things in my life that I regret and don't want to revisit or reveal to other people."

Writing Your Life Story: Getting Started
By Ralph Dranow
Encouragement and guidance for people who are wrestling with how to get started on beginning to write a memoir or autobiography, while making the process enjoyable.

Writing Your Life Story: Ten Common Questions
By Ralph Dranow
Have you ever dreamed of writing or co-authoring your life story but been held back by fears and doubts?

Oral Histories — Permanent Legacies
By Ralph Dranow
By telling their life stories through an oral history, people have the opportunity to reflect deeply on their lives as well as realize the richness they've contained.

Updated 1/6/14