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Writing Tips & Techniques
Authors : Ryan Edel

Ryan Edel's 1-2-Writing Workshops Online

Ryan EdelRyan Edel is a creative writer and part-time bartender living Raleigh, NC. He began writing stories in high school, when he was convinced that he would write the next great King Arthur story. Since then, he has branched out to literary stories and science fiction, though he has found romance to be as dangerous on paper as it is in life. His new website, 1-2-Writing Workshops Online, offers online resources to help writers make the most of their fiction: For samples of his work, please visit

Writing Articles by Ryan Edel

How to Write Relevant Dialogue
By Ryan Edel
The key to good dialogue is twofold: it must convey relevant information while sounding true to natural speech.

Cheeky Characters Write Themselves
By Ryan Edel
Characters don't achieve free-spirited winner-take-all success through outlines.

Hit Your Muse with a Rock
By Ryan Edel
It's simple. When a story stalls, that's your invitation to write whatever comes to mind.

Journal Your Inner Character
By Ryan Edel
For fiction writers, the journal is a complicated subject.

Updated 1/6/14