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Twenty Questions Interview with Denise Wong Farah : Page 2 of 2

20 Questions Interview
with Denise Wong Farah

continued from page 1

11. What challenges have you faced?

Sometimes I'm self-critical. Years of work in the corporate environment trained my mind to think in terms of productivity and efficiency. Out of habit, I sometimes fall into the trap of judging myself on these basis, but really these measures have no place in a creative life. Financial uncertainty is challenging too. Balancing child care, home life and giving adequate time to my work.

12. What worked for you?

I keep listening for the next step, ideas that bubble up, and keep creating, focusing on the immediate step, and doing things that connect me with feelings of abundance, calmness and being assured about the future, working on my willingness to step into a bigger space.

13. What didn't work for you?

My habitual thinking and conditioned reactions, overuse of my head and mentalizing everything.

14. What three tips can you share with those starting on a similar path?

  1. Not everyone can leap into something that's new and not clearly defined. If you can't, at least stay connected and tuned in with your heart's wishes, and find support for that if you have to, but don't let that fire extinguish.
  2. Where you can, allow yourself to explore by taking small steps in the direction your heart calls out for.
  3. With whatever/however you do the above, do it regularly or maintain some level of consistency so that you brain really understands this is important.

15. What are you working on now?

Writing and workshop design. I also offer daily inspirational blurbs to fans on Facebook.

16. What's coming up for you in the next year?

Have more of my writings published, and expand the range of topics.

Provide pro-bono mentorship and coaching to some youths Hong Kong.

Offer creativity workshops.

Start a women's circle, gather with like-minded individuals, have meaningful conversations, as a way to support each other's creativity, spiritual growth.

17. What else do you desire/dream to do?

Visit and re-connect with my family in Canada. Visit my new extended family in Africa. Allow my child to have the experience of being surrounded by love and help him appreciate his diversity.

18. How will you make that happen?

Maintain daily spiritual contemplation and writing.

Continue to connect and contribute to my community, e.g. talking and sharing of ideas, offering articles to local magazines, joining events, word of mouth.

19. What question do you want to answer that's not on this list?


20. What's your Web site address? and a Facebook page called Yellow Phoenix. •