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Interviews with Creative Dream Makers!
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Creativity Interviews

Interview with author artist Joy SikorskiConversations with Creative Dream Makers!

Who are these people and what makes them so creatively productive? You'll learn a lot and gain secret insider insights by reading the dozens of interviews below featured on the Creativity Portal Web site.

Creative Careers in the Arts

Creativity Interview Series

Creative Careers in the Arts by Molly Anderson-Childers
Who are these precious few, the artists who have made their creative dreams come true? And, more importantly, how did they create success in a realm where so many fail?

Spirited Women Interviews by Nancy Mills
In her journalistic Q & A style, Nancy curiously probes into the creative lives of successful business women, artists, authors, radio talk-show hosts, and others living their dreams.

More Creativity Portal Interviews

Interviews with Chris Dunmire
List of interviews people have done with Chris Dunmire, founder of the Creativity Portal Web site, plus links to Chris's other features.

Interview with Joy Sikorski
Author and artist of whimsical how to draw books including: How to Draw a Cup of Coffee, How to Draw a Radish, Squeaky Chalk, and How to Draw a Clam.

Interview with Heather Blakey
Interview with Heather Blakey, Imagineer and Webmistress of the Soul Food Cafe Web site, promoting daily writing and blogging as a practice.

Interview with Violette
Interview with folk artist Violette on her art, inspiration, and creativity.

Interview with Joshua Burkhardt
Interview with pre-teen Josh Burkhardt about his first book, "Hanging Around with Noah" and his amazing polymer clay creations.

Interview with Naomi Rifkin
Founder and facilitator of the San Francisco-based Brush Fire Painting Workshops geared towards process art and expressive therapy.

Interview with Christen Douglass
Brave creative soul who shares her thoughts on the creative process, art, photography, and designing jewelry.