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Spirited Woman Q & A: Nancy Mills' Spirited Woman Interviews

Nancy MillsNancy Mills is the Creator of the Spirited Woman Approach to Life, a self-inspirational writer for women, and the publisher of the highly successful Spirited Woman Blogger Team, which features a daily dose of positive news for spirited women worldwide. To find out more about Spirit Woman, Nancy invites you to visit:

Interview with Frou Frou Flip Flops Kidpreneur Alice

Alice started the community service oriented business, Frou Frou Flip Flops and raised over $2,000 for charities selling pairs of her creatively designed flip flops.

Interview with Lotus Blossom Style Clothier Tabby Biddle

Tabby's growing yoga lifestyle company encourages healthy living — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and reflects a commitment to personal growth and a willingness to evolve, change, and serve others in the process.

Interview with Actress and Comedienne Roz Browne

Roz is an actress / comedienne / storyteller / writer / producer, and a one woman band that has written, performed, and produced the very successful one woman show, "Fried Clams With Bellies."

Interview with Author, Raconteur, Social Entrepreneur, & Story Teller Crystal Allene Cook

Crystal lived in the USSR and West Germany, wrote Bombardirovka, is a Fulbright Scholar and a strong woman's advocate.

Interview with 'Fried Green Tomatoes' Author and Actress Fannie Flagg

Fannie's life has been an amazing adventure of guts, determination, and vision. Yes, her books have been on the New York Times best seller list; she has starred on Broadway; been nominated for both the Academy and Writers Guild of America Awards; and won the Scripters Award.

Interview with Writer Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

Elizabeth was married to the famous playwright Oliver Hailey, and they worked as a writing team in film and television — most memorably on the classic TV soap opera "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman."

Interview with Radio Host Frances Halpern

Frances worked as a newspaper columnist who won many press awards, and later wrote the "Writer's Guide To West Coast Publishing" and the "Writer's Guide To Publishing in the West," and became widely known as a publishing expert.

Interview with Creative Sage's Cathryn Hrudicka

Cathryn is Chief Imagination Officer (CIO) of her company, Creative Sage, where she enables businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and individuals to enhance their creativity and think in new, innovative ways.

Interview with Comic Book Colorist and World Traveler Marie Javins

Marie wrote "Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik: One Woman's Solo Misadventures in Africa" and spent one full year of her life traveling around the globe by public transport and blogged about her adventure.

Interview with Cindy Kauanui, Founder of Jet Set Modeling

Cindy lost everything when Hurricane Iniki devastated the island of Kauai. She started over again and is something of a sensation in the modeling world, responsible for taking the skeleton look and replacing it with the healthy-surfer Pacific Coast Highway look.

Interview with Mystery Writer Rochelle Krich

Rochelle is the daughter of holocaust survivors and author of more than 15 books. In college she considered pursuing a career in law or medicine but always dreamed of becoming a published writer.

Interview with Jewelry Designer Katy Leakey

An artist, sculptor, adventurer, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and jewelry designer, Katy lives in the bush, a long dirt road away from Nairobi, with her famous husband Philip Leakey. Their neighbors are the nomadic Maasai tribe.

Interview with Swirly Girl Creator Christine Mason Miller

Christine is a multi-talented artist, world traveler, founder of the hugely successful Swirly Girl brand, and blogger queen.

Interview with Astrology Zone's Susan Miller

In addition to TV and radio appearances, Susan authored monthly astrology columns for Self and Eve magazines, daily and weekly columns for The New York Daily News, and many "Year Ahead" books that hit #1 on best-seller lists.

Interview with Cathy Salser, Founder of A Window Between Worlds

Cathy is an "amazing" woman — passionately dealing with a situation of epidemic proportions, and who founded a nonprofit organization bringing creativity, art, and healing to domestic shelters.

Interview with Sally Shore, Storyteller & Spoken Word Artist

Sally is a creative dynamo, sister, story teller, and spoken word diva who founded The New Short Fiction Series that presents new work by West Coast writers, in hopes to introduce audiences to the wealth of literary voices in their own backyard.

Interview with Artist and Activist Ellen Spencer

El is a celebrated artist known for her colorful paintings of women, a dedicated environmentalist, poet, woman's activist and health advocate, and an all around champ for the underdog.

Interview with Wine Maker Lane Tanner

Trained as a chemist, Lane became, through a career twist of fate, one of the few women in the wine world to make, bottle, produce, and sell her own wine. Known primarily for her Pinot Noir, Lane produces about 1800 cases of Lane Tanner wine a year in the glorious wine region of Santa Barbara.

Interview with Actress and Producer Sybil Temtchine

Sybil grew up in an array of cities, and later went to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Before graduation, she crashed an audition for a great play that she was told she had no chance of getting and landed one of the leading roles. She left NYU, finished the play, and then moved to Hollywood.

Interview with Mediabistro's Laurel Touby

Laurel is a graduate of Smith College in economics, she was born in Hawaii, raised in Miami, and "escaped" to New York, where she became a top journalist for such pubs as "Glamour," and "Business Week."

Interview with 'The Girl Blue Project' Founder Marlow Wyatt

Marlow is the founder and director of The Girl Blue Project, a self-awareness program for teenage girls "committed to awakening the truest potential in young women by empowering them to embrace who they are and giving them the tools to create whom they choose to be."