Opening to Meditation
Diana Lang : Opening to Meditation: You Are Good

Opening to Meditation

You Are Good

What if your goodness were a given?

By Diana Lang | Posted 5/7/15
a selection from Opening to Meditation

What do I do if I can't stop thinking while I'm meditating? This is really the nuts and bolts of it, isn’t it? Meditation is the practice of becoming aware of our thoughts, thought by thought. We can get lost in thought, like a kind of daydreaming, and float away. Or literally fall asleep and actually dream. But meditation is the opposite of this. It is absolute awakeness: full attention, full presence to whatever is in front of us or within us, right now, just like it is. Meditation is full of exercises for practicing this. Because it’s hard. This is the work of it. But you will find that the benefits are so great that the work is worth every minute. By awareness of the breath, concentration, focusing the mind, and other techniques, you will learn to master your mind while meditating, and discover peace of mind.

Through the process of meditation you discover your true goodness. It may take a while, and you may have to wade through doubts and fears at first, but at some moment you’ll discover — there at the core of you, perfectly in place — your authentic, worthy, beautiful self.

Anything that says otherwise is the ego’s doubt; and if there’s a devil, this is it. It causes us to confuse ourselves and forget who we really are. When we doubt, we empower fear. Doubt is at the heart of any fear-based decision — the decision to not trust, the decision to not be open, the decision to not love. Doubt is the stuff of our insecurity. It is at the core of any act that is less than our best.

Meditation helps you sift through all this doubt and fear, and you feel your way home to your true self, to the knowing that you are naturally and inherently good. There are no exceptions. You are not the one exception.

What if you knew that?

What if it weren’t even a question?

What if it were a given in your life?

Feel how much this would change how you express yourself in the world.

You are good — not in the sense of being righteous, of being superior to someone else, but in the deeper sense of it all: you are truly, heartfully good.

This is the truth. You are good beyond your wildest imagination. You are good in a way that is immeasurable. You are as worthy as your greatest hero or anyone else you have ever thought of as admirable, inspired, or blessed.

You are that.

Meditation is a journey that unifies the mind and the heart. Meditation uncovers the layers of belief, limitation, and doubt to quietly reveal the pure and simple heart that is always there.

I like to do things in the most direct way I can: as the crow flies, fast and true. Meditation is the most direct route home I know. It is a process, a discipline, an art, and a practice that will teach you to trust yourself, to come home within yourself, to know who you are, to be who you are, authentic and free and unlimited. Meditation will give you nothing new, but it will give you yourself. •

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