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Fortune Cookie Message Generator
Free Printables : DIY Fortune Cookie Messages

Free 'Do It Yourself' Funny or Fake Fortune Cookie Messages

Make and print your own novelty or fake fortune messages to place inside fortune cookies!

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Fortune Slip Making Directions: Use the message creator below to type in your message as you'd like it worded. The sample will display your message exactly as it will appear. You have three lines with limited character/spacing to use as displayed. Hit Return/Enter to get to the next line. When you're happy with your message, simply press the "Make Fortune Message" button and a sheet (28 slips per page) of your message will be generated, ready for printing.

Use this fun cookie message generator to customize funny, fake, happy, and witty fortune cookie messages, inspirational quotes, and writing prompts. More creative ideas: Business promotions, Wedding proposals, special announcements, anniversary notes, April Fool's jokes, office pranks, and other good humor and fun!

This is how your message will appear:
Enter the message to be created: