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Writer's Challenge: Make Yourself a Fortune!

By Chris Dunmire | Updated 7/30/15

Writer's Challenge: Make a Fortune!
Long before we had Twitter tweets, we had fortune cookie messages! Yes, on tiny slips of paper sages fit a lot of wisdom into small spaces. Now you can, too! Your challenge: Using our Fortune Cookie Message Generator below, craft a funny message or unique words of wisdom into three lines with 132 characters/spaces.

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Have you ever cracked open a fortune cookie just to see what that little slip of paper inside had in store for you? I love fortune cookies for their inspiring, novel simplicity. Like Angela Mack observed, "Fortune cookies are totally creative. They are random little quotes that come out of a cookie and have the ability to encourage."

One year for April Fool's Day I designed a bunch of funny cookie messages and found the short format made a perfect creative writing exercise. What kind of funny message or words of wisdom can you fit into three lines with approximately 132 characters/spaces?

If you're a Twitter tweeter, this might be easy. Better yet, if you like your handiwork, you can print your messages and tuck them into your own cookies real or paper, premade or homemade as party favors, practical jokes, or gifts. Kids and adults love 'em! Go ahead play with the app below. Here's your chance to let your sense of humor shine and spread your own bits of wisdom around!

Use the message creator above to type in your message as you'd like it worded. The sample will display your message exactly as it will appear when printed. You have three lines with up to about 44 characters / spaces (appox. 132 total) to use. Hit Return/Enter to get to the next line. When you're happy with your message, simply press the "Make Fortune Message" button and a sheet (28 slips per page) of your message will be generated, ready for printing.

Teachers: Use this fun cookie message generator as a clasroom writing tool. Anyone can customize funny, fake, happy, and witty fortune cookie messages, inspirational quotes, and unconventional wisdom. Use this generator to create customized Wedding proposals, special announcements, anniversary notes, April Fool's jokes, office pranks, and other good humor and fun!

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