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Blogging the Creative Journey - Inspiring Blogs
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Chronicling the Creative Journey

Creativity Inspiring Blogs by Artists, Writers, and Creative Enthusiasts

When Creativity Portal readers were asked in this article if they were validating their creative lives by blogging their individual journeys, a number of them responded to the invitation to share their blogs on our site to help inspire others on their own creative journeys. The blogs in this section capture the unique first-hand experiences and stories of artists, crafters, writers, performers, and other creativity enthusiasts moving towards or living the life of their creative dreams — expressed through real-time words and images, many of a work-in-progress nature.

We've asked each author to describe in their own words what their blog journey is about and hope you find inspiration for your own creative life through their journeys. Navigate to the blog categories through the links below:

Creative Journey Blog Categories:

Are You Blogging Your Journey?
If you are blogging your creative journey and would like your blog considered for inclusion in Creativity Portal's directory, e-mail us the URL with the subject: Blogging My Creative Journey and tell us about it. Criteria for blog listings include: blog should reflect a personal journey, be well-established, creativity inspiring, and family-friendly