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The Writing Life: Voices of Experience
Renie Garlick

Writer & Book Artist Renie Garlick

Writer & book artist Renie Garlick indulges her long-standing curiosity about the magical relationship between reader and book wherever and whenever she can. Using her own story "To Stand Under A Yellow Tree, Imagining." Renie invites you to collaborate at She lives in northwest NJ leading workshops and exhibiting in NY, PA and NJ.

Writing Articles by Renie Garlick

Why Fiction Now? Part II
By Renie Garlick
How fiction delivers a feeling that we matter, that our lives mean something and is valuable.

Why Fiction Now? Part I
By Renie Garlick
How can fiction defend itself as valuable to culture if it is solely daydreaming run amok?

An Ode To Books
By Renie Garlick
There is something magical about books and collaborative book projects.