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The Writing Life: Voices of Experience
Writing : How to Writing Articles & Series

How-to Writing Articles and Author Series

Creative, Intuitive, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Journaling, Blogging, Publishing, Self-Publishing, Copywriting, and Marketing

If you're looking for solid advice on writing and publishing (or self-publishing) for business or pleasure, the following author series and articles will be helpful to you. From non-fiction, fiction, journaling, and copywriting; to writing for children and book publishing, the following experts in the field offer good advice and professional perspectives to those seeking an authentic writer's life.

Featured Author Series Writing Articles

Inspiring Others to Reading and Writing by Erin Steeley
Children's book author and freelance writer shares perspectives on an author's responsibility to readers, the writing process, and the query letter.

Creative Intelligence & Writing Articles by Orna Ross
Irish novelist and creative nonfiction writer shares creative principles, writing and freewriting in this collection of articles.

Ryan Edel's 1-2-Writing Workshop Articles
Creative writer and publisher of 1-2-Writing Workshops Online shares how to write relevant dialogue, tips on journaling your inner character, and playing with your muse.

Love of the Craft by Dave Duggins
Published short story author, writing mentor, and creativity coach Dave Duggins' Q & A writing column and inspiration.

Writing What You Know by Lisa Collazo
Lisa Collazo, LCSW, believes it is through self-discovery that one taps the resources to write freely and express their true voice.

Writing from the Deeper Self by Naomi Rose
Helping people with an inner-directed focus write the books of their hearts through an organic approach that provides a gentle, listening way to bring forth what's within onto the page.

Original Impulse Writing Articles by Cynthia Morris
Cynthia started writing regularly in 1994 and just can't stop. She has written performance pieces, plays, essays, poetry, newspaper columns, marketing copy, and hundreds of e-zine articles.

Write Your Life into a Story by Barbara Abercrombie
Inspiration, prompts, and writing exercises for essay writing, journaling, and creative writing.

Write Side Out! Writing Advice by Bonnie Boots
Sound advice and coaching tips for the personal and professional aspects of a writer's life including business and marketing, criticism, creativity, emotional I.Q., deadlines, and discipline.

Writing Books for Kids by Laura Backes
Learn expert tips and techniques for writing for a young audience including special topic considerations, trends, research, and marketing; plus comprehensive instruction on general writing, story development, and editing skills.

Additional Features by Various Authors

General Writing Articles
Advice and tips on story telling, titles, creativity, increasing productivity, writers voice, and other writing topics.

Journaling and Blogging
Journaling can be much more than the simple act of writing down your innermost thoughts and feelings. It can be a tool to redemptive living, and outlet for artistic creativity, and an important regular practice in one's day.

Publishing & Marketing
You've got a great idea for a book, or want to write something that will get published somewhere. What are some important things you need to know?

Updated 1/6/14