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Pictures in the Rearview Mirror
Authors : Susan Hornfeld

Spotlight On Susan Hornfeld

Storyteller & Blooming Writer

Susan Hornfeld Interview
Read Susan's responses to questions about creativity, writing, and the need to share our stories in this inspiring 20 Questions interview.

Susan Hornfeld is a late bloomer. Retired from a career spent helping people with disabilities, she finally feels free to write. Living in Ann Arbor Michigan with her husband Roy and the most excellent dog, Baylee, she is a transplant from the Jersey shore that didn't take. When missing the ocean, her husband points to whatever Great Lake they are standing next to and says, "ocean." (Very funny, not. ) She began writing in earnest upon her retirement a year ago. After many false starts, she finally found her stride by committing to a blog based on Mary Engelbreit's "Life is Sweet" page-a-day calendar. Now, she feels she is becoming the writer she was meant to be. Visit her online at

Pictures in the Rear View Mirror

Movies at the Starlight Drive-in
By Susan Hornfeld
Just Follow the Dancing Hotdogs; The Siren Call of the Giant Screen; Still Magic After All These Years.

I'm With the Band
By Susan Hornfeld
The five loneliest words.

Who's in Second?
By Susan Hornfeld
The sixties were all about the car.

Pictures in the Rear View Mirror Series Introduction
By Susan Hornfeld
For what seems like centuries I have wanted to tell the tales of one baby boomer or as I like to think about it, a tiny little cell of the "pig in the python."