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Be Creative! Projects : Write the Story Creative Writing Exercises

Write the Story!

Write the Story Exercise: Creative Writing Prompts

Write What You See

By Chris Dunmire

Here's a writing activity that encourages you to "write what you see" by looking at a picture scenario featuring non-specific characters doing — whatever it is that you see!

This activity will stretch your creative imagination, especially since there are no right or wrong answers, only your own interpretation (think inkblots). Plus, you have the option of viewing my image prompts further down on this page or downloading and printing my Write the Story Project Packet and unleashing your creative drawing and writing skills with the medium of your choice!

Special note to teachers: Please use discretion if you choose to use any of these pictures as classroom activities with kids or sensitive adults. These simple stick-figure renderings have no specific intent other than of stretching the imagination in a creative and fun way. The images are open-ended and metaphoric in nature, however, some people may still find the playfully-oriented pictures uncomfortable to work with.

Project Materials Needed:

Try It!

  1. Pick one of the four picture scenarios below and write a story, description, commentary, journal or blog entry, or whatever about what you "see" or think is happening in the picture.

  2. After you finish one, go onto the next or make up your own in the fifth empty Write the Story picture box using the printable activity page.

Creative Writing Tips: Remember, there is no one right answer to what is going on in any of these pictures, so think 'outside the box' and use your creative imagination! This can also make a a fun group activity, and you can share your funny, serious, or technical stories with each other when you're finished.

Write the Story Prompt Selection

Creative Writing Prompt 1
Prompt 1


Creative Writing Prompt 2
Prompt 2


Creative Writing Prompt 3
Prompt 3


Creative Writing Prompt 4
Prompt 4


Creative Writing Prompt 5

Create Your Own Prompt

What You'll Learn:

That a picture is indeed worth 1,000 words, and perspective is subjective! No two stories will ever be the same.

The NEXT Creative Step...

What other things can you find in your immediate environment to use as writing prompts? How about in school? At the office? In the grocery store? At the mall?

If you liked this project and would enjoy other writing prompts, visit Creativity Portal's Writing Prompts section. •

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Chris Dunmire (@funmire) is a deeply engaged creative spirit, imaginary being, lover of wit, words, wisdom, and the driving force behind the original award-winning Creativity Portal™ Web site launched in 2000.

Updated 12/20/13