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Matching Socks: Pair 'em Up, Put 'em Away!™

By Chris Dunmire | Posted 4/12/21 | Updated 6/2/21

“One can never have enough socks.” —Albus Dumbledore

Pair of socksHave you ever lost a sock from a favorite pair — leaving one sock which two feet can't share?

Let's gable this very serious subject to Haiku:

And what do you do

when one of two acquire a

hole you can see through?

Could the fixing phrase, to darn a sock have originated with, Darn, I got another hole in my sock!

It's time to give socks their just due, because they DO so many wonderful things for our feet. Warmth, comfort, protection. Socks rule!

Appairently, it's been reported that sock loss decreases by 50% by using this one proven tool… But if you have a clothes dryer, the percent will increase so, too!

Celebrate socks today. Start by straightening out your sock drawer. To help you keep 'em together in pairs, roll with this fun, printable matching game!

Game Instructions:

Print two sets each (or other even number) of sock card pages.

Cut out cards and arrange randomly face-down in columns and rows to play like a classic card-matching game.

Card stock and paper trimmer recommended.

Pair 'em up, put 'em away!™

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