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Authors : Marjorie Sarnat

Jr Imagination® Co-founder Marjorie Sarnat

Marjorie SarnatMarjorie Sarnat is an author, artist, designer, and co-founder of Jr Imagination®, a company that fosters creative thinking skills in children. She blogs at "Raising a Creative Genius."

An alumna of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduate of Eastern Michigan University, she taught art, was editor of Arts & Activities magazine, and recently received her Certificate of Training in creativity from Buffalo State University, N.Y.

The award-winning "151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets" is Marjorie's current book. She's well known as a designer of collectibles and crafts, including designer doll kits branded by the Project Runway® tv show. Marjorie exhibits her award-winning paintings at

Creativity & Children Features

Even If You Canít Draw a Straight Line, You Can Be an Artist!
By Marjorie Sarnat
Two easy but mind-expanding art projects you might want to do right along with your kids: Art-isms and Twenty Textures.

Creative Talent Comes Out to Play
By Marjorie Sarnat
Kids who play with games play with thoughts.

Practical Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids
By Marjorie Sarnat
Empower your child to be his own brand of creative genius.

Are You a Closet Creative?
By Marjorie Sarnat
Creative thinkers are beautifully equipped for navigating the challenges of life.

20 Questions Interview
By Marjorie Sarnat
I co-founded Jr Imagination to grow creative thinking skills in all children, gifted, mainstream, and learning challenged.