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Art by Michael Nobbs, The Beany Publisher
Journaling Articles : Drawing, Blogging, Drugs and a Little Coffee

Drawing, Blogging, Drugs and a Little Coffee

How an Illustrated Blogger was Born

© Michael Nobbs

By Michael Nobbs

Back in the New Year I decided to make some major changes to my life. I stopped working completely (I'd been doing some teaching) and began clearing out my painting studio. I did something I never thought I would. I burnt piles of work. Then I threw or gave away piles of material. Then I burnt more things. Then I took down all my now empty studio shelves...

Pleased with the empty space I decided I wouldn't waste my energy on painting large paintings in there anymore. Instead I turned the shelving into a work top, bought some kitchen units to put it on, found a table and added a bed. Suddenly I had a cosy den to work in.

Instead of painting large messy abstract painting I found I was making small drawings of the things around me. I became excited about pens, coloured pencils and sketchbooks. I bought a scanner. I started posting the things I draw to my blog. The redesigned my blog. I began to smile a lot more. Suddenly I was a illustrated blogger.

© Michael NobbsI saw my doctor back in the spring. He suggested (again) that I try taking an SSRI called sertraline. Realising that not continually doing the things I had always done seemed to be making me happier I surprised us both by saying "yes." I began to smile even more.

This morning I woke up, made a pot of delicious coffee and took my drugs. On the table in front of me are my pens and sketchbook. Later I shall make a small drawing. A little later still I shall upload it to my blog. Suddenly I find I'm enjoying today and looking forward to tomorrow. Drawing, blogging, drugs and a little coffee are wonderful things... •

© 2004 Michael Nobbs. All rights reserved.

Michael Nobbs is a artist, blogger and part-time ME/CFS sufferer living on the west coast of Wales. Learn more at

Updated 1/6/14