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Did you just publish a creativity-fostering book?

An exclusive invitation to authors from Creativity Portal.

Did you just publish a new book related to creativity? If so, congratulations and well done!

If your new (or upcoming) book explores fostering creativity through an expressive, therapeutic, holistic, spiritual, or practical lens, and you have worked with a publisher to bring it to market, we want to hear from you! This includes topics such as creative thinking, innovation, writing, coaching, arts, crafting, movement, and play.

Please tell us about your new project at the email below. Our growing creative audience is eager to hear what you have to say, and we are open to finding ways to make it happen.

Creativity Portal

For over two decades Creativity Portal has inspired millions of visitors to explore, engage, and express creativity through a variety of mediums and methods, individually and in collaboration, for personal development, therapeutic healing, and spiritual growth.

We are committed to presenting the newest creativity research and innovative techniques, forms, processes, and thinking to inspire individuals in every area of life.

If this invitation calls to you, contact us today to discuss ways we can partner together to make this happen. We look forward to hearing from you!

A Note to Our Existing Collaborators

We invite you to continue sharing your expertise within our creative community!

Creativity Portal continues its collaboration with long-time creativity authors, teachers, coaches, and professionals with a passion for learning and teaching, sharing and encouraging, helping and cheering on creative explorers seeking to live deeper, meaningful, active, joy-filled creative lives.

We continue to partner with those who have carved out a special place for themselves on Creativity Portal over the years, establishing themselves as leaders and experts in their fields, garnering deep respect from the creative community, and with others by special arrangement.

We look forward to our continued collaboration.