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Creative Oasis Coaching with Jill Allison Bryan -
Creativity Coaching : Jill Allison Bryan

Creating Your Own Mid-Life Oasis with Jill Allison Bryan

Jill Allison Bryan
Creative Careers Interview
After years in the field of advertising, Jill Bryan decided to jump ship, sell everything she owned, and move to the Virgin Islands. Now, she is a singer/songwriter and creative lifestyle coach.
20 Questions Interview
Jill responds to "What's the best part about being a creativity coach?" and 19 other questions.

Jill Allison Bryan believes that everyone can create her own Mid-Life Oasis — because it doesn't have to be a crisis! Through her Creative Oasis Coaching practice, Jill helps people in the prime of their lives to realize the joy and satisfaction that comes with making time to pursue their own creative dreams.

Working (and playing, of course) with her own creativity coach led Jill to reclaim her creative passion as a singer/songwriter and ultimately to become a Kaizen-Muse creativity coach. She offers one-on-one coaching, facilitates group workshops and retreats, and is currently producing her first solo CD of original music. Now that Jill has discovered her own Mid-Life Oasis, she would love to help you find yours! Connect with her at

Creativity Coaching by Jill Allison Bryan

How One Bullet Sparked Creative Chaos
By Jill Allison Bryan
...and an amazing creative and spiritual journey for artist Karen Blessen and her 29 Pieces project.

Child-Like Play Creates A Bohemian Snow Day
By Jill Allison Bryan
Can you imagine how child-like play might open you up to the creative process?

Get Creative in No Time! (Okay, in Two Minutes.)
By Jill Allison Bryan
The small-step, Kaizen-Muse way.

Spoiled Food Leads to Fresh Start
By Jill Allison Bryan
Another fun story about the easy better-scenario changing power of reframing.

Planting the Small Seeds of Creativity
By Jill Allison Bryan
Using small Kaizen-Muse steps in an act of low-pressure garden planting — even for your creative garden.

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Blog?
By Jill Allison Bryan
The next time something you really want to do keeps winding up at the bottom of your to-do list, take a moment to try these creative techniques to propel it to the top.

Two Wrongs Might Make A Right!
By Jill Allison Bryan
We can relieve the pressure we often put on ourselves to do something perfectly, if we first give ourselves permission to do it imperfectly.

Tangled Mess to Meditation
By Jill Allison Bryan
Use creative thinking to help you transform your next tangled mess into a relaxing meditation.

Buddy, Can You Spare Some Time — for Yourself?
By Jill Allison Bryan
Strategies for carving out time to form your own creative habit.

Seeing Life Through the Eyes of a Child — What Fun!
By Jill Allison Bryan
Reframing to live a more creative and fulfilling life.