Starchy Seeds: Madam Bedazzle's Tarotble Card Reading

The Halls Deck Deals

with Madam Bedazzle

Bedazzle: to confuse by a strong light. 2 : to impress forcefully, especially so as to make oblivious to faults or shortcomings: : enchant.

Card PairMadam Bedazzle is an esteemed deck dealer from Kaffeklubben Island, a highly-intuitive, card reader of The Halls™ Deck, used by skilled practitioners of the Arts and Crafts coterie to interpret, forecast, and crochet symbols, motifs, and typography into affirming messages.

Bedazzle practiced as an iffy intuitive for the last 23 years, and in a variety of seasonal, remote positions since COVID hit. She has a passion for ant farming and giving cliché advice. You may find some of her foundation work in Legend, Sagacious, and Halcyon‽ questionably rollicking.

She looks forward to astounding imaginations and asks that you take in her readings in whichever Kaffeklubben accent suits you best. She also welcomes recommendations for new hard candy flavors.

Legend of The Halls™ Deck

Existing in the Northern Hemisphere at least since the 14th Century, the highly-intuitive and suggestive Halls™ Deck is used by skilled practitioners of the Arts and Crafts coterie to interpret, forecast, and crochet symbols, motifs, and typography into affirming messages.

Expectedly, in a Deck the Halls fashion, skilled dealers pull a card and weave an interpretive reading into a sitter's tapestry of wishes and desires — gently nudging towards a productive direction. At one time, readings were only given during the wintertide Christmas season, but now with flexible work schedules can happen year-round.

Some creatives fear when certain cards are pulled and never want to get 'a bad deal.' Bedazzle assures that even ominous-appearing cards have two sides and four edges, so there's plenty of opportunities to turn them around.

Tarotble Card Readings

Starchy SeedsThe Starchy Seeds Card

Deal 6: Dual states of being from potentiality to actuality.

Fortunately / Unfortunately Cards

Deals 4 & 5: This card pair encourages a game of optimistic one-upping in front of rolling stones.

ChristmaStreess Card

Deal 3: Finding the state of halcyon in the midst of pelting interrobangs‽

Slouchy Sock Card

Deal 2: Wisdom to not to give in to the urge to change your creative work too quickly.

Foreshadow Cookie Card

Deal 1: A sweet interpretation of what may be coming towards you.

Dynamic Apps

The Great Creativity Illuminator

Use the power of the present and sit with the words that conjur up just for you. Oh, the places you'll grow!

Easter Eggs/Ongoing Themes

Madam Bedazzle"The Halls Deck" is a rearrangment of "Deck the Halls", as MB first materialized in character during the Christmas Advent.

Red Skittles® are MB's favorite candies, which often are present during her deck deals. Why this particular candy? Pure chance.

Even though MB card readings are called "terrible", they are filled with much wisdom and thesaurusisms which you can benefit from if you pay close attention.

MB is purely authentic. No ChatGPT or other AI is involved in the creative content surrounding and eminating from MB. She doesn't make a single penny from her work, so AI won't profit from replacing her.

If you think MB's readings are lame, you can only blame yourself for wasting your time on them. You've been warned they are "tarotble."

If you keep finding nonsensical and convoluted reasoning around MB, you're definitely on target.

Don't be surprised if you also find half fini