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Zhujiajiao (Shanghai, China) Photo Prompts © 2007 Carolina Pichardo
Writing Prompts : Photo Writing Prompts by Carolina Pichardo

Photo Writing Prompts by Carolina Pichardo

Carolina Pichardo is a freelance writer, editor and mother based in Washington Heights/Inwood, New York City. She is the founder of Flower Child Publications and co-founder of Young Urban Moms, Inc.

Prompt Destinations

Dominican RepublicAdventure into The Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a spirited and dynamic country that has sustained one of the strongest economy and highest travel and tourism numbers in all of the Caribbean and Central America.

Zhujiajiao (Shanghai, China) Adventure into Zhujiajiao (Shanghai, China)
In the ancient town of Zhujiajiao, a small region located in suburbs of Shanghai China, there are stories marinating the river that borders this "Water Town."

Updated 1/14/14