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Dominican Republic Photo Prompts © Carolina Pichardo
Carolina Pichardo : Dominican Republic Photo Writing Prompts

Dominican Republic Photo Writing Prompts

By Carolina Pichardo

Photo © Carolina PichardoIt is mostly known for the merengue, baseball and Christopher Columbus' long voyage across the Atlantic. Although it spreads approximately 48,442 km² across (sharing its piece with Haiti), the Dominican Republic is a spirited and dynamic country. In between the poverty, violence, a wavering government and racial disparities, it has sustained one of the strongest economy and highest travel and tourism numbers in all of the Caribbean and Central America.

Photo © Carolina Pichardo

Writing Prompt 1:

Since the Dominican Republic claimed its independence from Haiti in the early 1800s, both countries have had a difficult relationship. Intermingled not only with politics and history, but race and shared-resources, among other things. Haitian immigration and integration are major issues in the Dominican Republic. Here a Haitian worker sits alone in the dark streets of Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. What do you think he's thinking? Think about his family, history and future.

Photo © Carolina Pichardo

Writing Prompt 2:

The colmado, in the Dominican Republic, is (usually) a community's small convenient store. These are packed with everything from drinks, beers, household cleaners and food. Folks gather here for the town's latest news, deaths and infidelities. Develop a scene with the owner of this shop. What is he discussing now?

Photo © Carolina Pichardo

Writing Prompt 3:

Electricity and water supply is still an issue with many provinces and regions. It is estimated that 88% of the country has complete electricity coverage, while only 56% of poor households have a descent water connection. Create a story with this home. Who lives there and what do they do for a living?

Photo © Carolina Pichardo

Writing Prompt 4:

Small, removed communities like this one exist throughout the country. Despite the Dominican Republic's growth, regions remain autonomous at times and depending only on their own resources. What events can occur in the country that could drastically affect the residents here?

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© 2009 Carolina Pichardo. All rights reserved.

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Updated 1/14/14