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The Slouchy Sock Card

Bestowing the wisdom to not to give in to the urge to change your creative work too quickly.

With Madam Bedazzle | Posted 2/26/23 | Updated 7/19/23

"Always start with a sock." —Some Puppet

Great news! Madam Bedazzle is back for another The Halls™ Deck reading.

This time, she pulled the Slouchy Sock card and insisted on peering through the glass of a snow globe for mystique. Her intellectual acuity follows… watch the video above for more visual impact.

Bedazzle's Tarotble Deck Deal

Slouchy CardThe Slouchy Sock card bestows the wisdom to not give in to the urge to change your creative work too quickly.

Exercise restraint in 'pulling up the sock'; do not react in haste.

A lesson from last century teaches us that some great mind saw a sock fall to an ankle and turned it into fashion.

But heed this warning: What is fashionable today can disappear in a Flashdance!

If you choose to change something, these two words are worth more than their weight in silver and gold tinsel: "Save As…"!

When possible, keep an original copy, for you may lemniscate back to your first idea.

The universe hath spoken.

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Madam BedazzleMadam Bedazzle is an esteemed deck dealer from Kaffeklubben Island, a highly-intuitive, card reader who peers through the glass of a snow globe. ...